Medicine can work if taken on time; True Reminders helps you to take them at schedule time. Organize yourself with proper medication and appointments

  • Medicine Reminders

    Schedule your medication: be it pills or drops or injection, App helps you to schedule with refill notifications.

  • Refill Reminders

    True Reminders remind you for medicine refill. App will notify you for refills before 5 dosages.

  • Doctors Appointments

    True Reminders can help you to set the appointments for your doctors, therapists or dentist as well.

  • Family Medication

    We understand the family means, With True Reminders you can schedule the medication not only of your but for your any family member. Notification will be sent as per family member.

  • To Do Tasks

    True Reminder app is loaded to manage your to do task as well. You can set reminder notification for upcoming or scheduled tasks.

  • Personal/Medical Notes

    App can help to manage medical or personal notes. These Notes can be used for doctor's visit or other discussions.

  • Reports

    Report is the key to your medication. Report can track your medication, it can help you to find missed medication if not updated regularly

  • Email Notification

    App will send email notification to contact person for any missed medication. App will alert immediate contact person if medication is not marked as taken


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